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Stralsund Highflyer Pigeons ( Stralsunder Hochflieger )

stralsung highflyer pigeons

The Stralsund Highflyer pigeons – other name ;Stralsunder Hochflieger, Haut-volant de Stralsund ,Altovolante Stralsunda, Стралсунд Высоколетный – is a varieties originating from the Pomerania region (Germany), especially in the city of Stralsund, but has not found information since when it began to develop (estimated to have been known since the century 19th or earlier). The varieties classified into the tumbler-highflyer type are believed to have a very close relationship Cumulet, and are very popular in their home country, as well as in several other countries in Europe. This variety has excellent flying skills – incredible high-flying pilots, and is incorporated into a group of racing pigeons, one of the most prestigious in Europe. In terms of appearance, this variety is also very elegant.

Haut-volant de Stralsund
Haut-volant de Stralsund
Stralsunder Hochflieger-tauben
Stralsunder Hochflieger