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Vilnius nightflyer

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Vilnius nightflyer

Vilniaus Naktinis

The Vilnius nightflyer pigeons – or also known by the names: Vilnius Nachtflieger, Haut-volant de nuit de Vilnius – This is the youngest breed of Lithuanian high-flying pigeons, the origins of which were laid at the beginning of our century. Written data on its origin are not available, therefore, most often one should rely on the memories of experienced pigeon breeders, thanks to which it is known that the ancestors of the Vilnius high-flying pigeons were the motley high-flying pigeons common in Vilnius. They were bred by crossing the most popular high-flying pigeon breeds at that time.

In many cities of Lithuania they are called Nikolaev high-flyers. This is paradoxical because these species have nothing in common except the plumage pattern.

There are more than 10 breeds with a similar pattern in Europe. There are similar pigeons even in France and Spain. However, they all share their physiological and morphological characteristics.

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Vilnius nightflyer – lithuanian pigeons