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French Tumbler Pigeons ( Culbutant Francais )

French Tumbler
French Tumbler

French tumbler pigeons – also known by name; Culbutant Francais, Französischer Tümmler, Capitombolante francese, Французский турман – The French tumbler is the result of several crosses, including the high-flying pigeons cumulet.

Until the 1960s-1970s in the north of France, it almost disappeared and it was German breeders who brought it back into fashion at exhibitions. The variety belongs to the type of tumbler pigeon, although it has a rather interesting appearance, but seems to be popular due to its amazing ability to fly.

The French tumbler does simple, clean, fast and frequent somersaults, double somersaults are allowed but no tumbles. When rolling, there is little or no loss of height; The pigeon rejoins the formation immediately after a somersault. It can usually fly up to four hours, but 30-90 minutes in the air every day.

Französischer Tümmler
pigeons de Culbutant
Culbutant Francais