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Oriental Roller ( Orientalischer Roller )

Orientalischer Roller
Orientalischer Roller

The Oriental Roller, Rouleur oriental , Orientalischer Roller, Rotolatore Orientale, Восточный Роллер – is a variety originally from the East, introduced in Germany in the 1870s, which was the beginning of its development into standard varieties As of now. Varieties belonging to this type of Tumbler ( roller) pigeons are very popular in almost all countries in Europe, as well as in other continents, mainly because of its exceptional flying ability. In terms of appearance, these varieties are also considered attractive and beautiful. An ancestor of the Flying Oriental Roller – very difficult to distinguish, except by professional breeders and fanciers.

Rouleur -pigeons
Rouleur Oriental
Oriental - Roller - pigeons
Oriental Roller pigeons


The Flying ( exhibitrion )Oriental Roller – known only by this name – is a growing variety in some countries, especially since entering the 2000s, and this is due to the claims of the fancier rollers, and this then creates difficulties in distinguishing it from the Oriental Roller. Some of the originators of the idea that put these varieties belonging to the roller type in themselves, argue that the Oriental Roller we know for a long time is an ancient race that had been bred about 200 years ago and still carries the properties of genuine descent (the nature of its origin in the Middle East , Or from Germany). While the Flying Oriental Roller, is a different varieties, with emphasis on the ability to fly and in the rolling in the air, which is considered much more specific and superior than the Oriental Roller.

exhibition roller
exhibition oriental roller