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German Nun Pigeons ( Deutsches Nönnchen )

german nun

The German Nun Pigeons– or also known by the names: Nonne Allemande, Deutsches Nönnchen, Conchiglia tedesca, Немецкий нун – is a varietal originating from Germany, which began to be developed and glorified by German breeders since the early 17th century. In addition to Germany, this variety is also widely known in Russia, which in the local naming is called Cross Nun – because the hat (nun) is a splash of color on the head, and the cross on its fur-primary wing tail is the same as the color of the hat – the feathers in other body parts are always white. The varieties belonging to the Tumbler pigeons type are actually excellent pilots, but in subsequent development more directed to pigeon displays.

Deutsches Nönnchen tauben
Nonne Allemande
pigeons Nonne Allemande
Nonne Allemande
Deutsches Nönnchen
tumbler pigeons
german nun tumbler