Roller Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Persian Roller ( Persischer Roller )

Roller tauben
Persischer Roller

The Persian Roller Pigeons– also known by the names: Rouleur de Perse, Persischer Roller, Rotolatore Persiano, Персидский роллер – are varieties originating from the Asia Minor region, including Turkey, Persia, and Armenia, but under development principally in Western Europe, and was recognized in Germany’s permanent standard in 1954. This variety belonged to the Tumbler (roller) pigeons persian birds type is very popular in many countries in Europe, also in America and Asia. Recognized for its exceptional flying ability, capable of performing acrobatic movements in the air. In addition, his appearance is also quite beautiful.

Persischer Roller tauben
Rouleur de Perse
persian roller
persian roller pigeons
roller pigeons
persian roller pigeons