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Danzig Highflyer

Hochflieger tauben
Danziger Hochflieger

Danziger Hochflieger

The Danzig Highflyer pigeons– also known by the names:Haut-volant de Danzig, Danziger Hochflieger, Altovolante di Danzica, Данцигский высоколетный – is a local decorative dye originating from Poland, especially developed in the City of Gdansk and its suburbs, since the early 1900s -an. The varieties grouped into this Tumbler ( highflyer) pigeons type were developed in addition to their beautiful appearance, as well as the amazing and stunning flying skills.

Gdańsk and nearby towns. Excavated from Persian doves, brought by rafters from the southern regions of Poland and a pigeon from Calcutta brought by a sailor in the mid-19th century. A Gdańsk high-flyer was created from this cross-cut, brought to its present appearance by selection. Formerly known commonly under the name of the Gdańsk Falcon. Currently, in the area of Tczew and the surrounding area you can still meet the former type of Gdansk high-speed in less-known colors and drawings of plumage
General impression:

Long torso, slim and slender, carried horizontally, on medium length legs, half-length and wide tail, head in the shape of a streamlined wedge with a wide crown from ear to ear

Haut-volant de Danzig
Danzig Highflyer
Danzig Highflyer
Hochflieger tauben
Danziger Hochflieger tauben
danzig highflier magpie
red pigeons - black pigeons kabootar
high flyer kabootar danzig
tiger danzig - tumbler
hochflieger polish pigeons
pigeon high flying danzig
Starogdański wysokolotny
Sokół gdański
gdański wysokolotny