Roller Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Bihac Roller Pigeons ( Bihaćki prevrtači )

bihac roller tauben

The Bihać Roller Pigeons– also known by names: Rouleur de Bihac, Bihacer Roller, Rotolatore di Bihac, Бихач роллер – are varieties derived from Bihac (Bosnia-Herzegovina), developed since 1960. The varieties are classified into this Tumbler pigeons type, is the result of a cross from the pigeons Nis, Sisak, and Parlor. This pigeon is known for its ability to fly high, fast and do the rounds in the air. This new variety was officially recognized in 2000.

roller pigeons
bihac roller
roller pigeons
bihac roler pigeons
rouleur pigeons
rouleur de bihac