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Budapest Whiteside ( Budapesti tükrös keringö )

Budapester Weißschild
Budapester Weißschild

The Budapest Whiteshield – or also known by names: Budapest Whiteside, Culbutant de Budapest à Bouclier Blanc, Budapester Weißschild, Capitombolante in Budapest a Scudo Bianco, Будапештский белый щиковый – is a varieties developed in Budapest and surrounding areas (Hungary), starting at the end of the 20th century. Some breeders and fanciers believe that this variety is not the Hungarian genuine race, but rather incorporated from Vienna (Austria). There is an estimate that the ancestors of these varieties belonging to the Tumbler pigeons type are the Vienna Röserlscheck – in addition, in modern Viennese and white-winged Viennese races have much in common.

Culbutant de Budapest à bouclier blanc
Budapest Whiteside

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