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Markish Magpie Tumbler ( Märkische Elster )

Elster tauben
Märkische Elster

The Markish Magpie Tumbler – or also known by the names: Culbutant Pie des Marches, Märkische Elster, Pica della Marca, Мекиш-сорочий турман – are varieties originating from the northern region of Brandenburg (Germany), which are known to be developed early the 19th century, especially in Märkischen and Schwedt (Oder) and its surroundings. Varieties belonging to this type of Tumbler pigeons are quite popular in their home region, and are known to have good flying skills. However, in further developments it is intended to develop it as a display pigeon.

Magpie Tumbler
Markish Magpie Tumbler
Pie des Marches