Highflyer Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Makó Highflyer ( Makói magasszálló keringö )

hungarian pigeons
Makói magasszálló keringö

The Makó Highflyer Pigeons– also known by names: Haut-volant de Makó , Makóer Hochflieger, Altovolante di Makò, Венгерский Высоколётный из Мако – is a varietal originating from the Makó region and its suburbs (Hungary), which is known to be developed since the year 1930s, and is believed to be a very close variety to Szegedin, but placed as a separate varieties. The variety belonging to the tumbler pigeons ( Highflyer pigeons) type is known as a great and extraordinary aviator, although from the appearance side is also quite interesting.

highflyer pigeons
Makó Highflyer
Makoer Hochflieger
Haut-volant - pigeons
Haut-volant de Makó