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Arad Tumbler ( Zburător Dungat de Arad )

tümmler - tauben
Arader Tümmler

The Arad Tumbler pigeons – also known by names: Culbutant d’Arad, Arader Tümmler, Capitombolante in Arad, Турман Арад – are varieties originating from the City of Arad (western Germany), and grouped into the tumbler pigeons type. This variety has been known since 1850, and has been incorporated in Romanian, Bulgarian and Yugoslavian decorative pigeons in 1955. This variety is said to be the result of crossing of several races, including having genes from Danzig and Szegedin pigeons. For international standards, with the characteristics of the current variety, was only recognized in 1999.

Zburător Dungat de Arad
Haut-volant d’Arad
tumbler pigeons
Arad Tumbler