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Budapest Coulored Highflyer Pigeons

highflyer pigeons
Budapest Coulored

Budapesti magasröptű keringő

Budapest Highflyer – or also known by names: Haut-volant de Budapest, Budapester Hochflieger, Altovolante in Budapest, Будапештский высоколетный турман – is an ancient race from Budapest (Hungary), which began to be developed in the early 20th century. Varieties belonging to this type Tumbler ( highflyer) by itself has a very close kinship with Budapest Colored Neck. This pigeon is developed specifically because of its great flying ability, high and fast. Also known as Hungarian Highflyer.

Hochflieger tauben
Budapester Hochflieger
Haut-volant - pigeons
Haut-volant de Budapest
Budapesti magasröptü keringö