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English Long-Faced Tumbler, muffed

Tumbler, muffed
English Long-Faced Tumbler, muffed

English Longfaced Tumbler, Muffed – or also known by the names: Culbutant Anglais à Longue Face (pattu), Englischer Longfaced Tümmler (belatscht), Capitombolante Inglese a Faccia Lunga (a zampe piumate), Английский длинноклювый турман – is a varietal originated from Birmingham (UK), which began to be developed between 1887-1901, with an effort to add muffs (muffs). The variety belonging to this Tumbler pigeons type is a close relative of “clean-legged”, and its development goals are similar, for displays.

Englischer Tümmler
Englischer Longfaced Tümmler, glattfüssig
lf tumbler pigeons - black - muffed
englisg lf tumbler
Culbutant Anglais
Culbutant Anglais à longue face, pattes lisses
tumbler pigeons
english long faced