Tumbler Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Muntenia Whitetail Tumbler Pigeons

culbutant muntenia
Queue blanche de Munténie

Muntenia Whitetail – also known by the names: Haut-volant à Queue Blanche de Muntenie, Muntenia Weißschwanztümmler, Zburator Codalb muntenia, Coda Bianca della Muntenia, Румынский Белохвостый Высоколётный – are varieties derived from Oltenia and Wallachia (Romania, region the southern part), but no definite information has been found since when it was developed, only estimated in the 19th century or slightly earlier. Varieties belonging to this Tumbler type, especially known for its fast and high flying ability, although from the appearance side is also very interesting.

tümmler pigeons
Muntenia Weißschwanztümmler
Zburator Codalb de Muntenia
Muntenia Whitetail Tumbler