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Targovista Red Highflyer Pigeons

Zburător porumpei
Zburător Roșu de Targoviște

Targovist Red Highflyer – also known by the names: Zburator Rosu de Targoviste, Targovister Roter Hochflieger, Haut-volant de Targoviste Rouge, Le Rosii de Tirgoviste, Тырговиштский Красный Высоколётный – is a varietal originating from the Targovishte region of Bulgaria, which was developed since the 1940s, and declared as a result of the crossing of Bucharest and other race races. Varieties grouped into this type of Tumbler highflyer pigeons are quite popular, especially because it has good flight performance, fast, medium duration, and has a quite interesting appearance.

Targovister roter Hochflieger
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Targovista red Highflyer
Haut-volant rouge de Tárgoviste