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Lugoj Roller Pigeons

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Jucator Roller de Lugoj

Lugoj Roller  – or also known by the names: Rouleur de Lugoj, Lugojer Roller, Rotolatore di Lugoj, Лугож роликовые – is a variant derived from Lugoj (Romania), which is known to have been developed in the 20th century. A breed designed and developed in Lugoj by carefully “dosing” the qualities of Roller of Chernivtsi (Ukraine), Roller of Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) and Bulgarian Lome tumbler pigeons.

Lugoj roller pigeons ; The variety of the tumbler pigeon species is known and popular for its great flying and playing abilities ( roller pigeons ). Some notes describe these varieties as being fast and very high volatile, but generally short flying.

Lugojer Roller
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Rouleur de Lugoj
اغرب حمامة في العالم
Roller de Lugoj
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lugoj roller