Highflyer Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Orbetean Romanian Highflyer Pigeons

Orbetean Romanian

Zburător Orbețean Românesc

Romanian Orbetean (Rouillé) – also known by the names: Rumänischer Rostfarbiger Hochflieger, Zburator Orbetean Romanesc, Румынский Орбетский высоколётный (ржавый) – is a varietal originating from Bucharest (Romania), which mentions, among other things, the role of Romanian Orbetean breeder Ivan Orbetu, whose development began in the early 20th century. Varieties belonging to the Tumbler type are quite popular, especially because of good flying skills (in 3-5 hours duration training). In addition, development also began to focus on improving the exterior quality, especially the color of the feather.

Hochflieger - περιστερια ρατσες
Rumänischer rostfarbiger Hochflieger
Haut-volant - pigeons
Haut-volant Roumain
Zburător Orbețean Românesc