Tumbler Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

irisch Flying Tumbler Pigeons

irischer Flugtümmler

irish Flying Tumbler – also known by names: Irischen Flugtümmler, Culbutant ‘d Irlande, Ирландское Летающий Турман – is a varietal originating from Ireland, developed in the early 20th century. Varieties belonging to this Tumbler Pigeons type, are very popular among breeders and fanciers in their home country. This variety seems to have a very close kinship with Limerick Tumbler. This variety has great flying ability, although from the appearance side is also very interesting.

pigeons - irlande
Culbutant ‘d irlande
flying - tumbler
irish flying tumbler
tumbler pigeons - red pigeons
red irish tumbler