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Wolverhampton Badge Tumbler Pigeons

Wolverhampton-Tümmler - صورحمام
Wolverhampton Badge Tümmler

Wolverhampton Badge – also known by the names: Culbutant Badge de Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Badge Tümmler, Capitombolante Badge in Wolverhampton, Вулверхе-мптонский Кокардный – are varieties originating from the UK English pigeons, but these varieties are very difficult to find information, and even still is often disputed for its position as a variety with a permanent standard tumbler or roller. The varieties grouped into this Tumbler type pigeons, probably originated from the 1900s, or may have historical and blood history in Birmingham varieties. This variety has excellent flying skills, although the appearance aspect seems to be less specific.

tumbler - type pigeon
Wolverhampton Badge Tumbler