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Wolverhampton Magpie Tumbler Pigeon

tümmler tauben
wolverhampton elster

The Wolverhampton Magpie – or also known by the names: Wolverhampton Elster Tümmler, Culbutant Pie de Wolverhampton – is a variety that comes from the UK pigeons, and as with its partner, Wolverhampton Badge, it is also very difficult to find the description, how the origin and existence this variety. Varieties classified into this type of Tumbler, by some breeders are stated to enter rare categories. It has excellent flying ability, and the exterior aspect is at least more specific compared to the Wolberhampton Badge. Probably from the 1900s, or a little earlier. This variety can be confused with Kuptsovski varieties.

tumbler - english pigeons
Wolverhampton Magpie Tumbler
Culbutant Pie - pigeons
Culbutant Pie de Wolverhampton