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tümmler tauben - blue
zagreber roller tümmler

Zagrebacki prevrtac

Zagreb Tumbler ornamental pigeons – or also known by the names: Culbutant de Zagreb, Zagreber Roller, Capitombolante di Zagabria, Загребский Турман – are varieties pigeons originating from the Zagreb (Croasia) region, which were infromized since the 1920s, as a result of crossing from the Vienna, Capuchine and others. The varieties grouped into the Tumbler pigeons type during World War II were declared almost extinct, and the population was only recoverable after the 1950s. The crossing of this variety, the last with Komorn and Kecskemét, gives the appearance as it is now. Have good flying skills. The permanent standard for this variety was established in 1973.

tumbler pigeons - brown - sulfur
zagreb tumbler
Culbutant de Zagreb