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Satu Mare Tumbler

jucator - acka -ro
Jucatorul Pestrit-baltat de Satu Mare

Jucator Pestrit-baltat de Satu Mare

Satu Mare Flying Pigeon – or also known as:  Satu Mare Tümmler , Culbutant de Satu Mare– is a variety originating from Satu Mare (Romania), which was informed that it was developed in the mid-19th century. Very little information is published regarding the existence of this variety. It is only stated that the varieties belonging to this type of Tumbler pigeons are very popular in their home countries, mainly because they have good, fast, not too high flying skills, but always with fantastic flying play styles. In addition, judging by the colors of the feathers, including beautiful looking pigeons.

pigeons culbutatnt
Culbutant de Satu Mare
Satu Mare Tümmler
pigeosn - Tumbler
Satu Mare Tumbler