Tumbler Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Batschka Tumbler

backi prevtac

Bački prevrtač

Batschka Tumbler – also known by names: Culbutant de Batschka, Batschkaer Purzler – The breed was formed in southern Bačka in the late 19th century by crossing the erdelj roller with the Segedin highlander. The main feature of the pigeons of this race is the overturning of the flight, backwards, and very quickly. Flying in smaller groups of 2 to 5 pigeons, rises to higher heights and flies 5 to 6 times without stagnation. It is cultivated in the following colors: black, red, yellow, white, blue, silver and gray.

Culbutant de Batschka
tumbler pigeons
Batschka Tumbler
Batschkaer Purzler