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Russe Tumbler Pigeons

black pigeons - tumbler pigeons
russe tumbler - black

Русенски черен | Rusenski topgerdanlija

Rousse Black ornamental pigeons -also known by the names: Russer Bärtchentümmler ,Culbutant barbu de Russé  – are varieties originating from Bulgaria, but have not been known exactly since when it began to be developed, possibly in the 18th century. This variety is very little informed out of its home country, although it is recognized that this variety is quite popular locally. This type of tumbler variety is one of the very large numbers of Bulgarian pigeon races (around 40-45 varieties). This variety has good flying skills, and also, its appearance is pretty cool.

Rusenski topgerdanlija
tümmler tauben
Russer Bärtchentümmler
culbutant - noir
Culbutant barbu de Russé