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Nicobar Exotic Pigeons

Paloma de Nicobar

Caloenas nicobarica

Nicobar Pigeon – also known as Hackled Pigeon, White-tailed Pigeon, Vulturine Pigeon, Nicobar à Camail, Kragentaube, Paloma de Nicobar – with the scientific name Caloenas nicobarica (Linnaeus, 1758), is a species found in native life in Kragentaube, Paloma de Nicobar, with the scientific name Caloenas nicobarica (Linnaeus, 1758) Philippines, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Myanmar, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Vietnam locations. This species is terrestrial, nomadic, and included in the exotic pigeons group, inhabiting dry tropical and subtropical forests, mangrove formations, lowlands, and dry and wet bushes, at an altitude of 0-700 meters above sea level. The main threats faced are hunting pressure, reduction of habitat area, and ongoing predation. The population size in nature has not yet been quantified, but is described as ‘rare’ to ‘rare’, although it is rather common on small islands. The amount in nature is stated to experience a decrease (decreasing) quickly.

exotic pigeons
Nicobar Pigeon
Nicobar à Camail

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