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Zenaida Doves

Zenaida asiatica - american dove
White-winged dove

Zenaida doves is a genus of pigeon birds. 7 species are included in this genus. They occur in North and South America. The breed was described in 1838 by Charles Lucien Bonaparte, who gave the scientific name Zenaida in honor of his wife Zénaïde.

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Zenaida doves reach a body length of 26 to 30 centimeters. Most species have brownish fur that is inconspicuous, usually shades of gray and pink. Most species have black and white spots on their wings. The largest species is the coastal pigeon that grows slightly larger than a laughing pigeon.

The distribution area of zenaida pigeons extends from North America to the south of South America. Source

Zenaida aurita - american dove
Zenaida dove
  • Zenaida Dove ( Zenaida aurita ) ; Caribbean and the Yucatán Peninsula
Zenaida auriculata - american dove
Eared dove
  • Eared Dove ( Zenaida auriculata ) ; Colombia to south Argentina and Chile, and on the offshore islands
Zenaida asiatica - american dove
White-winged dove
  • White Winged Dove ( Zenaida asiatica ) ; South west USA through Mexico, and the Caribbean
Zenaida meloda - american dove
West Peruvian dove
  • West Peruvian Dove ( Zenaida meloda ) ; south Ecuador to north Chile
Zenaida graysoni - american dove
scorro dove
  • Scorro Dove ( Zenaida graysoni ) ; Socorro Island and Revillagigedo Islands
Zenaida macroura - americaan dove
Mourning dove
  • Mourning Dove ( Zenaida macroura ) ; Canada and west USA to south Mexico, Bermuda, Bahama Islands, Cuba, Dominic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Panama
Zenaida galapagoensis - american dove
Galápagos dove
  • Galapagos Dove ( Zenaida galapagoensis ) ; West Ecuador

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