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Ploiesti magpi tumbler

Jucator Baltat de Ploiesti

Pigeons from ancient Russian races called “ciornapeghi” and “krasnapeghi” or “Turkic lentocinia”. It is raised and selected from the elderly by breeders from Ploiesti, Bucharest and surroundings.

Flight skills

High flight, in a tight flock, lasting 1-2 hours, with in-line play, 3-4 turns, without losing altitude. There are specimens that rise from the bottom flapping their wings, up to 20 m, then come down “morisca” to the ground. General impression: pigeon 33-35 cm long, with a body weight of 300-320 gr Also Read : romanian pigeons

jucator - rase
Baltat de Ploiesti