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Danish Tumbler Pigeons ( Dansk Tumling )

danish rumbler - tumbler pigeons
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Danish Tumbler, Clean Legged

The Danish Tumbler, Clean Legged – also known by names: Culbutant Danois à Pattes Lisses, Dänischer Tümmler, Capitombolante Danese (a tarsi piumati), Датский голоногий турман – are varieties originating from Denmark but are thought to originate from the hemisphere East, perhaps India, which was then brought to Denmark during King Frederick II’s reign. So varieties belonging to this Tumbler ( tümmler) type have been developed since 1572. These varieties are known to have excellent flying skills, but in subsequent development, diverted into a display pigeon.

Culbutant Danois - pigeons
danish tumbler tiger
Dänischer Tümmler - elster - tauben
danish tumbler magpie
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danish tumbler clean legged
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Danish Tumbler, Grouse Legged

Danish Tumbler, Grouse Legged – or also known by names: Culbutant Danois Botté, Dänischer Tümmler (Bestrümpft), Capitombolante Danese (a Zampe Implumi), Датский пестрый длинноногий турман – is a Danish variety, but not yet known Precisely since when developed, is only estimated in the period after the known clean legged variant, and before the emergence of the shield variant. The varieties belonging to this tumbler pigeons type, as the tumbler group generally, have excellent flying skills, but then only developed as a display pigeon.