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Debrecin Roller Pigeons ( Debreceni Pergö )

debrecin rolller - roller pigeons- fancy pigeosn
debrecin roller

The Fancy pigeon Debrecin Roller – or also known by the names: Rouleur de Debrecen, Debreciner Roller, Rotolatore in Debrecen, Дебреценский роллер – a variety that comes from the region of Debrecen (Hungary), but have not known since when this variety was developed, only an estimated at the beginning of the 19th century, or earlier. Some breeders believe that this variety is the result of crossing several roller races, including Smyrna, Oriental and Persian. Varieties belonging roller debrecen is Tumbler pigeons  type was developed in addition to being pigeon displays, as well as superb flying skills.

Debreciner Roller - tauben
Debreciner Roller
Debreceni Pergö
Debreceni Pergö
debrecin roller - roller pigeons
debrecin roller pigeons
Rouleur de Debrecen - pigeon rouleur
Rouleur de Debrecen