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Stettin Tumbler ( Stettiner Tümmler )

tümmler tauben
Stettiner Tümmler

Stettiner Tümmler

The Stettin Tumbler – also known by the names: Culbutant de StettinCapitombolante in Stettino, Штетинский Турман – are varieties originating from Poland, especially from the Stettin region (Szczecin), bred for 30-35 years on end of the 19th century, and is believed to be the result of a cross from the Prague Short-faced race. The variety belonging to this type of TUMBLER, including quite popular in its home country, has also been cultured in several other countries in Europe, especially in Germany (EE establishes Germany as a country of origin). This variety has good flying ability, but its unique and elegant appearance attracts a lot of attention.

Culbutant de Stettin
german pigeons
Stettin Tumbler