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Vienne Long-Faced Tumbler ( Wiener Tümmler )

wiener tümmler

Wiener Tümmler info

The Vienne Long-faced tumbler pigeons, also known by names: Culbutant de Vienne, Wiener Tümmler, Capitombolante Viennese, Венский Длинноклювый Турман – are varieties derived from Vienna (Austria), which have been known since the 1800s, as a descendant of the Old Vienna race. Varieties classified into this type of Tumbler pigeons have been popular for a long time, including in some countries in Europe. This variety has good flying ability, and its appearance is also quite interesting, even somewhat unique.

tumbler pigeons
vienne lf tumbler pigeons
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vienne long face tumbler
Culbutant de Vienne

The Vienne Muffed tumbler– also known as: Wiener Belatschter Tümmler – is a varietal originating from Vienna (Austria), but has not found the information since when it was developed (most likely in the 1900s). Varieties classified into this Tumbler pigeons type have very little information, either written or photographs. According to some records, this variety is considered to be quite popular, but some facts also indicate that the population is still limited, rarely found. This variety has good flying ability, although from the aspect of appearance is quite interesting and unique.

muffed tumbler
wiener tümmler muffed
vienne muffed
vienne lf muffed tumbler