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English Long-Faced Tumbler, clean legged

English Long-Faced Tumbler
English Long-Faced Tumbler, clean legged

The English Longfaced Tumbler, Clean-legged – also known by names: Culbutant Anglais à Longue Face (Pattes Lisses), Englischer Longfaced Tümmle (Glattfüssig), Capitombolante Inglese a Faccia Lunga (a Zampe Lisce), Английский длинноклювый голоногий турман – is a varietal originating from the UK, and has been developed since 1765, especially by breeders who need pigeons for the exhibition. Due to the ongoing breeding process, the varieties belonging to this Tumbler pigeons type get their current shape.

Culbutant Anglais à longue face
Culbutant Anglais à longue face, pattes lisses
Englischer Longfaced Tümmler
Englischer Longfaced Tümmler, glattfüssig
english lf tumbler
english lf tumbler white
long face tumbler
english long face tumbler