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French Krymka Tumbler

tumbler pigeons
French Krymka Tumbler

The French kyrmka tumbler pigeons – or also known by the names:Pigeon à Calotte Francais, Französische Kalotte, Calotta Francese, ФранцузскаяКрымкатурман – is actually a very old race from Poland, which has a kinship with almost all European pigeon races. It is thought that this variety belonged to the Tumbler pigeons type has been known since the 1700s, and intensively the development is done in Francis for the present form (so by EE, Francis is declared as the origin), while retaining the old features of a head-like “helmet” . In the past, these varieties were developed as aviator doves, but now more for show / display.

tümmler pigeons
Französische Kalotte
calotte Francais
Pigeon à calotte Francais