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Shortbeaked Armavir Tumbler Pigeons

tumbler pigeons
Shortbeaked Armavir Tumbler pigeons

The Armavir Shortbeaked Tumbler – also known by names: Culbutant d’Armavir à Bec Court, Armavir Kurzschnäbelige Tümmler, Capitombolante a Becco Corto di Armavir, Армавир короткий клюв – are varieties that have been cultivated since the 18th century, in the city Labinks (region of Russia), where the introduction of a new generation of short-faced pigeons began. The varieties classified into this Tumbler pigeons type, similar to Armavir Tumbler, have only short faces and beaks.

Armavir Tümmler
Armavir kurzschnäbeliger Tümmler
culbutant armavir
Claqueur d’Armavir à bec court
Shortbeaked Armavir Tumbler