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Komorn Tumbler ( Komáromi bukó )

Komorn Tumbler - pigeons - fancy pigeons
Komorn Tumbler

The Komorn Tumbler – also known by the name: Culbutant de Komorn, Komorner Tümmler, Capitombolante in Komarno, Коморенский турман – is a varietal originating from Austria, especially from the City of Komárno (which borders Hungary and Slovakia), which began in the twentieth century -18 and 19. It is believed that the ancestors of the varieties belonging to this Tumbler pigeons type were imported from Turkey in the days of the Ottoman Empire. In the United States known and popular in the 1920s. Now varieties that are classified as capable of flying well have been very popular in Europe and America. Has a pretty pretty appearance.περιστέρι

Culbutant de Komorn
Komáromi bukó
Komáromi bukó
Komorner Tümmler