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Eisk Double Crested Tumbler

Eisk Tumbler
Eisk Double Crested Tumbler

The Eisk Double-crested Tumbler –  also known by names: Culbutant de Posture d’Eisk, Eisker Doppelkuppiger Positurtümmler, Capitombolante di Eisk a Doppio Ciuffo, Ейский двухчубый турман  – is a varietal originating from the town of Eisk, in the North Caucasus ( Russia), which began to be developed since the 20th century. Some breeders believe that this variety belongs to the Tumbler pigeons type is the result of a cross between the broadtail race and the Uzbekistan race. Includes varieties that have good flying ability, but now more for the purpose of appearance.

Eisker Doppelkuppiger
Culbutant Eisk
Culbutant de posture d’Eisk