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Romanian Naked Neck Tumbler ( Zburator Gat-Golas Romanesc )

Rumänischer Nackthalstümmler
Rumänischer Nackthalstümmler

The Romanian Naked Neck Tumbler – also known by the names: Cou Nu de Roumanie, Rumänischer Nackthalstümmler, Collo Nudo in Romania, Zburator Gat-Golas Romanesc, Румынский голошейный – are varieties originating from the Bucharest and surrounding areas of Romania, which was informed was developed at the end of the 19th century (described in 1899), and is believed to be a derivation of the Ciung race, hence locally also called “Ciung-chel”, which means Ciung (Neck). This variety was quite popular, and was later incorporated into Germany in 1964, and subsequently underwent intensive development to its present form. Varieties classified as Tumbler pigeons type, can fly quite well, not too high and for a short time.

pigeons cou nu
Cou-nu de Roumanie
naked cou - romanian pigeons
Romanian Naked Neck Tumbler