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Catalan Tumbler ( Volteadora Catalana )

tumbler pigeons
catalan tumbler

The Catalan Tumbler pigeons – also known by the names : Pigeon de vol Catalan, Catalanischer Tümmler, Capitombolante della Catalonia,Culbutant Catalan, Каталонский турман – are varieties originating from Catalonia (Spain, the northeast), and have been known to have been known since the century to-10 (according to existing ancient reliefs). Pigeons classified into this type of Tumbler pigeons, are estimated to be put into Spain via trade (in the Mediterranean region) in 1300 – 1400. Over time, through crosses with other pigeon races, the current form is finally obtained. Many fanciers and breeders mention that these varieties match the Archangel in terms of the beauty of the feather colors. This variety is favored both because of its looks and because of its great flying ability.

Tümmler- tauben
Katalanischer Tümmler
Culbutant Catalan