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Berlin Muffed Tumbler ( Berliner Langlatschiger Tümmler )

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Berlin Muffed Tumbler

The Berlin Muffed Tumbler – also known by the names: Culbutant Berlinois Pattu, Berliner Langlatschige Tümmler, Berlinese Calzato, Берлинский В «шляпочный» турман – is a variety developed in Berlin (Germany) but not known exactly when its beginnings, possibly since mid-18th century. The variety classified into this tumbler type, is believed to be the result of a cross from the Danish pigeon race with the race from the Netherlands.

Berliner Tümmler
Berliner Langlatschiger Tümmler
Culbutant - pigeons
Culbutant de Berlin pattu
muffed tumbler pigeons
berlin muffed