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Koenigsberg Reinaugen Tumbler ( Königsberger Reinauge )

tümmler tauben
Königsberger Reinauge

The Koenigsberg Reinaugen – also known by the names: Culbutant de Koenigsberg à Oeil Pur, Königsberger Reinauge, Capitombolante in Königsberg a Occhio Puro, Кенигсбергский рейнауген – are varieties derived from Koenigsberg, Prussian region west and east (Germany), which estimated to have been developed in the 1800s, especially by farmers from the Vistula region. Varieties belonging to this type of Tumbler pigeons have excellent flying ability, and also elegant appearance. This variety is quite popular among fanciers in Europe.

white tumbler pigeons
Koenigsberg Reinaugen Tumbler