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Haskow Colourhead Tumbler ( Chaskovski cvetnoglav )

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Haskow Colourhead Tumbler

The Haskow Colourhead Tumbler – also known by names: Tete Colorée de Haskovo, Haskower Farbkopftümmler, Testa Colorata in Haskovo, Хасково Цветголовы турман – is a varietal originating from Bulgaria, known as one of the old races that began to be developed in Ottoman powers (12-14th centuries), and therefore very well known in Turkish-mention mentions. Some breeders believe that these varieties have direct kinship with the Chirpan, Sliven, Schumen, or Razgrad races. Varieties belonging to this Bulgarian tumbler pigeons type have excellent flying ability, especially in performing acrobatic movements in the air. But the beauty of color and appearance is also very interesting.

Haskower Farbkopftümmler
Tête colorée de Haskovo
karabas güvercin
Chaskovski cvetnoglav (Karabasch)