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Jassy white tumbler

white pigeons - white tumbler pigeons
Iasi white tumbler

Jucator Balan de Iasi

Jassy White – also known by the name: Jucator Balan de Iasi , Jassyer weisser Tümmler, Culbutant Blanc de Iasi , Iasi white tumbler is a variety derived from Iasi (Romania), developed in the 1900s, and is said to have close kinship with Galatz varieties. The varieties grouped into this Tumbler type, apparently developed for the benefit of great aviation, are capable of performing stunning attractions in the air, flipping over 3-5 times in a round. This variety is informed has spread to many countries in Europe, although still limited to some countries, among others in Germany and Russia.

Culbutant Blanc de Iasi
weisser Tümmler
Jassyer weisser Tümmler