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Blagodar Tumbler Pigeons

pigeons - culbuıtant
Claqueur de Blagodarny

Благодарненский Турман

Blagodar Tumbler – also known by the names: Claqueur de Blagodarny, Blagodarer Tümmler, Capitombolante in Blagodar, Благодарненские бойные – is an ornamental pigeon derived from Stavropol and Blagodar (Russia, southern part), which began to be developed since 1790. The variety classified into this Tumbler type is thought to be a race originally brought from Turkey, which later developed into a Caucasian tumbler race. This variety is known as one of the best pigeons for pleasure because of the beauty of her appearance.

tumbler - russian
russian pigeons
blogadar tumbler
tümmler tauben
blagodarer tümmler