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pigeons Highflier
romanian Ciung Highflier

Zburator Ciung de Bucuresti

Bucharest Ciung Highflyer – also known by the name: Ciung Bucuresti ,Bukarester roter Ciung Hochflieger, Haut- volant de Bucarest Ciung rouge , is a varietal originating from Bucharest (Romania), which began to be developed in the second decade of the 20th century. The varieties classified into this Tumbler type, developed for great, high and fast flying ability – especially in collective flight (50-100 coincide). But besides the ability to fly, this variety also has an interesting appearance.

Bucarest red Ciung Highflier
Ciung Hochflieger
Bukarester roter Ciung Hochflieger
Haut- volant
Haut- volant de Bucarest Ciung rouge

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