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Travnik Highfliyer Pigeons

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Haut-volant de Travnik

Travnicki kratkokljuni golub

Travnik Highflyer pigeons – also known by names: Haut-volant de Travnik, Travniker Kurze, Altovolante in Travnik, Травник Высоколетный – are varieties originating from the Travnik region (Bosnia-Herzegovina), informed that have been known since 1950 , and gained intensive development in 1965, among others through cross-breeding with varieties of Prague, Vienna, and Berlin Shortbeak. The varieties grouped by the Tumbler pigeons type are very popular, among others, illustrated by the illustration: “… these pigeons can be found flying in streets, alleys, and bred almost in every household”. This variety has excellent flying ability, flying very high and fast, in addition to a pretty beautiful appearance. Recognized in permanent standards in 1992.

highflyer pigeons
Travnik Highfligher blue pigeons
tümmler taube
travniker kurze tümmler taube
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Travnicki kratkokljuni golub