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Modena Hen Pigeon Families – Type Of Modena Pigeons


Can modena pigeons fly  ?

”Modenas today Are more a show bird. You have german modenas. Which to me are a throw back And they could maybe fly around the loft. Then you have the American type Which is large as a king and more for show. Modenas were a flying breed back when they were used for sport. They used to fly them attracting other birds from different lofts To theres where those birds were caught. Maybe not to different from what thief pouters were used for. The modenas from the 1960s were smaller and could fly very well even survive well in the wild. But as said they have changed much and used mainly for show. called the bird of curves as they roll up in station. locked legs bull frontal. ”

German Modena

Modena pigeon color chart

kabootar picture all - modena
german modena – schietti
modena pigeons -homing pigeons
german modena – magnani
gazzi modena - fancy pigeons
german modena – gazzi

Triganino Modena 

yellow triganino modena – italian modena pigeons

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