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Triganino Modena pigeons ( Triganino Modenese )

Triganino Modena - Triganino Modenese
Triganino Modena - Triganino Modenese

The Triganino modena Pigeon – also known by the name: Triganino de Modène, Triganino Modeneser, Triganino Modenese, Триганино нарядная модена – is a varietal originating from Italy, The very ancient breed of pigeons, whose origins date back to the 14th century, was bred for centuries in the city of Modena (Emilia Romagna). Here, until the early 1900s, it was used as a messenger for small and medium distances, but above all for a characteristic flight game.

It is not possible to determine exactly which ancestor is, but it is most likely that Triganino was chosen from among the species of hen pigeons present, among domestic pigeons and pigeons of oriental descent; This also explains the characteristic shape of Triganino, also called “Barchetto”.

Triganino actually comes from the Greek word, trigon, or “triangle”, because of its body shape. In the past centuries, known as triganieri, pigeon hunters were used to expel foreign pigeons on the roofs of buildings or cages. Able to fly very rapidly in the air.

The “English Modena” and “German Modena “, highly acclaimed in the UK and Germany, are a relatively new creation and derived from Triganini.

Small size, graceful shape, lively temperament, fast flight. There are various colors, two types: Gazzi and Schietti.

modeneser - Triganino Modena
Triganino Modena gazzi
Triganino de Modène schietti - hen pigeons
Triganino de Modène
Triganino Modeneser - magnani
Triganino Modeneser

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