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Kiskunfelegyhaza Tumbler Pigeons

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Kiskunfelegyhaza Tumbler

Kiskunfélegyhazi simafejü keringö

Kiskunfelegyhaza Tumbler – or also known by the names: Culbutant de Kiskunfelegyhaza, Kiskunfelegyhazer Tümmler (Glattköpfig), Capitombolante in Kiskunfelegyhaza, Кискунфелегихарский турман – are varieties derived from Kishkunfelegihaza (Hungary), but no information has been found since when these varieties began to develop (possibly at the end of the 18th century or earlier). The varieties belonging to this type of Hungarian tumbler Pigeons have very close kinship with the varieties of Felegyhaza Tumbler, but by some prominent breeders are believed to be completely different varieties. This variety can fly very well, but its development is more aimed to create beautiful appearance

hungarian pigeons
Kiskunfélegyhazi simafejü keringö
tümmler tauben
Kiskunfelegyhazer Tümmler, glattköpfig
culbutant - pigeons - hungoris
Culbutant de Kiskunfélegyháza à tête lisse