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Szolnoki keringö

Szolnoki keringö

Szolnok Tumbler – also known by names: Culbutant de Szolnok, Szolnoker Tümmler, Capitombolante in Szolnok, Жолнок Турман – are varieties originating from the Szolnok (Hungarian) city area, informed that it was developed since 1920. Varieties categorized into this type of Tumbler in addition to being very popular in the country of origin, has also been bred in many countries in Europe. This variety has great flying ability, but in its development, until now, the breeders and fanciers have focused more on improving the quality of appearance. This variety does have a graceful appearance.

tauben rassen
Szolnoker Tümmler
culbutatnt hungarian
Culbutant de Szolnok
hungarian breeds
Szolnok Tumbler